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Halloween Jokes

What is a ghosts favorite kind of cereal?

Scream of wheat!! 


Knock, Knock

Who's there?


Olive who?

Olive Halloween!   



What did the one pumpkin say to the other pumpkin when he had a fever?

You're burning up!! 


What name does a spider and a dictionary have in common?



What does a witch eat at the beach?

A Sand-witch!!


Why didn't the skeleton fight?

Because he didn't have the guts to!! 



Why didn't the skeleton go to the Halloween party?

He had no-body to go with!! !


How did one witch know the other?

They were "broom-mates" in college!



What is a ghosts favorite desert?

I scream and boo-berry pie!


What does a ghost eat for dinner?



What does a ghost call his parents?

His trans-parents ! 


What does a bat call his bathroom?

A batroom!


Why did the girl vampire break up with her boyfriend?

Because he was a pain in the neck! 


What does a baby ghost need at a restaurant?

A boo-ster seat!


Why did the bat use mouth wash?

Because he had bat breath!


What is a vampire's favorite holiday?




Why was the little ghost crying?

Because he had a BOO-BOO!


What did the snowman and the vampire name their baby?



What kind of pants does a ghost wear?

"Boo" jeans!



What does a ghost call his Mom and Dad?

Mummy and Dead!


When do werewolf children stay home from school?

On Howl-i-days!


Why did Dracula take cold medicine?

Because he was "coffin"!


When does a witch know it's time to trick or treat?

She looks at her witch-watch!


Why was there no food left after the monster's party?

Because everybody was a-goblin!


When do black cats scratch themselves?

When they have w-itches!


What do ghosts wear in the rain?



Why did the baby vampire bat wake up screaming?

He had bite-mares!


What kind of tape do you use on Halloween?

Mask-ing Tape!



Why can't skeletons go trick-or-treating?

They have no-body to go with!


What do naughty ghosts use in school?

Cheat sheets!


What do vampires wear in the fall?

Their bat-to-school clothes!  



























• Why was the turkey sent to the principal's office?  Because he used fowl language!

• What did the little turkey say to the big turkey?  "Peck" on someone your own size!

• What do you call a crazy turkey?  A cuckoo bird!

• What's the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?   The tur-KEY!

• Why do turkeys go gobble, gobble?  Because they never learned good table manners!

• What do turkeys like to eat on Thanksgiving?   Nothing, they're already stuffed!

• Why did the turkey eat his meal so quickly?   Because he was a gobbler!

• How do you make a turkey float?   Get two scoops of ice cream, add some root beer and a turkey!