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A Message from

Mrs. Keefe

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 A message from Mrs. Keefe

When you give away

some of the light from a candle

by lighting another person's flame

There isn't any less light

because you've given some away

there's more.

When everybody grows,

there isn't less of anybody

there's more of

and for everybody.

~Kaleel Jamison


I believe that the classroom should be a safe and productive place for every child to achieve his or her potential. I also believe that a child should learn to function responsibly and respectfully as an individual, and as a member of a group.

Your child, like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle is unique and yet should be able to fit together with others. This fitting together is what creates an even more exquisite design without losing the individual piece.

I believe in hands on and real life experiences. This helps students connect learning to the world they will be using the skills in. I also expect students to work hard each and every day. Students should continue their growth towards independence and self management.

 I have been married to my husband Pat (a Casper native) for 38 years. We have three children. Our son Tim is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. He and his wife Brooke live in Thornton, CO. They have two girls Addison Jane and Eleanor Shea. Our son, Dan a 2003 graduate of NCHS, lives and works here in Casper. Erin attended the University of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, AZ. She and our grandson Emmett James live in Westminster, CO.

My career as a teacher spanned 32 years. My first year of teaching was grade 3 in Salt Lake City,UT. The rest have been with NCSD # 1. I taught grade 5 at Willard and grade 4 at Evansville and Verda James. I then taught at Crest Hill, the school my children attended. I spent two years in grade 6, two years in kindergarten, a year as Technology teacher and 2 years as a reading specialist for 4th, 5th and 6th graders . I was excited to finsh my career teaching math to first through 6 graders.

2010 marked my final year of teaching. I am now blissfully retired but plan to keep involved with education. I will continue to update this site monthly.




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