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What can parents do to help their child each day in school ?
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~ Guidelines for a Successful School Day ~


Here are some things you can do to help your child have a better day ~ and it helps the teacher, too!

* Have your child bring their backpack every day. This helps establish good organizational skills while being responsible for their personal items.

* Please consider our ever changing Wyoming weather when students get dressed for the day. Dressing in layers works best. Snow pants, boots, mittens and hats are essential for most winter days. Even with the cold and wind we try to have the kids go outside for a little bit of fresh air at each recess period.

*  Please put your child's name on everything they bring to school - backpack, coat, lunch box, etc.

* Give your child a good start on the day with a full night's sleep as well as a good breakfast.

* Try to send them out the door with a hug and a happy feeling each day.  Have them plan the night before what to wear, is the backpack ready to go, pack the lunch if possible.  It will take some time and thought to work out a good routine for you and your child.

*  Please let the teacher know if there are changes occurring at home that may affect your child's behavior or attitude at school.